What Is the Distinction Between Custodial and Janitorial Providers?

We all tend to not think about the professionals that show up to work every day to take care of the building that we just built.  The role is just important as any part of the building process.  janitor in hallwayToday’s world has segmented these task but with the out sourcing we see today many companies have brought all three under one service contract.  There are the obvious differences between the three services but their are some subtle differences also.  The article below will help you appreciate and differentiate the title and job.



Keeping your office or commercial property clean and well-maintained not only helps your business make a good impression with potential clients and employees, but also ensures the overall health and well-being of your staff members. Custodial and janitorial services help to create an efficient working environment wherein employees can achieve their highest levels of productivity and success. As such, maintaining a clean commercial or business space makes for a suitable environment to conduct regular office work, hold meetings, and pitch to clients.

Many business owners look to professional custodial or janitorial companies for office cleaning and maintenance. Indeed, there are a wide range of services available from these professional outfits, and while there is a fair amount of overlap between janitors and custodians, there are distinctions between these positions as well. First, let’s talk about…    Read More

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