Over the years I have done some work on glass but I prefer to let the experts handle most of this work.  If I am re glazing windows in preparation to paint then I have no problems.  I prefer not to replace and cut glass to size.  I just don’t feel competent and safe when doing these task.

Double glazing and secondary glazing can make a big difference to any home. This is because these types of windows will greatly insulate a property, leading to a much smaller amount of heat loss and therefore an increased amount of comfort in the home. These windows can also help cut down on heating bills and create a more energy efficient home.

Secondary glazing is often something that DIY enthusiasts can install themselves. For others, secondary glazing might be an appealing option due to its cost-effectiveness, but the client would much rather prefer that a professional fitted it instead. Double glazing, however, is something that definitely…      Read More  by Adney Aiken